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The Napoleonic Wars in Miniature based on Fire & Fury


Age of Eagles and Age of Eagles 2d Edition is the base or foundation rules set of the L' Armee Francaise series of miniature wargaming rules and is the only officially sanctioned Napoleonic variant of Richard Hasenauer's popular Fire & Fury ACW rules. Developed over a span of five years, the end product is the result of hundreds of playtests and the comments of literally thousands of gamers from the rules' supporting Yahoo Group. The project has now expanded into a French edition and expansion modules covering the Lace Wars, the Age of Bismarck and many more. While sales happen from time to time, suggested retail price is $ 30.00 US with product particulars as follows:

Age of Eagles 2d Edition. Glossy color covers, BW interiors. Same length as the original with no change in retail pricing ($ 30 US) though some costs have squeaked up and I went for a heavier weight paper on the inside. Spiral bound. This is not a revolutionary, but an evolutionary 2d project including everything from the original plus:

  • All grammar, vocabulary and spelling errors corrected.

  • Interpretations of rules integrated into the actual text of the document.

  • Rules changes, from both the author and our 3000 + person Yahoo Group added and integrated into the text of the book.

  • New rules and data charts, from both the author and the Yahoo Group added and integrated into the text of the document.

  • New army lists and generals, to include an all new Ottoman army chart and a slew of Spanish generals.

  • Changes are identified by underlined text.

  • Check out some sample pages by clicking here to go to a shared OneDrive folder.

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Age of Eagles 1st Edition.

  • Fully integrated into the original Fire & Fury with rules clarifications and updates to produce a completely new stand alone product.

  • Brigade level with each stand of figures representing 360 infantry, 180 cavalry, a single battery of guns with one inch equal to 120 yards and each turn 30 minutes of historical time - this is a big battle game where you control divisions, not battalions.

  • Irregular forces, skirmishers, massed artillery, national doctrine and army level command-control all covered effectively and simply.

  • Some 96 pages long in addition to a two-page tables and charts sheet. The actual rules weigh in at 55 pages, bibliography 2 pages, scenarios 20 pages, Commanders and Leaders Data Charts 3 pages, Unit Data Charts 9 pages.

  • Spiral bound with full color front and back cover, black and white interior with artwork by the incomparable Edouard Detaille.

  • Graphics, tables and charts by original Fire & Fury author Richard Hasenauer, based on his original artwork as used in Fire & Fury and other fine systems.

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