About Age of Eagles



  • The core set of the L' Armee Francaise series of miniature gaming rules and the only officially sanctioned Napoleonic variant of Rich Hasenauer's  Fire & Fury ACW rules. Developed over five years, from 100s of playtests and input from 1000s of players,  AOE has now expanded into a French edition and expansion modules covering the Lace wars and the Age of Rifles. 
  • Glossy color covers, BW interiors. Same length as the original, no change in retail pricing ($ 30.00 US)  with  a heavier weight paper  inside, spiral bound. An evolution of the original rules, includes all before plus the following.
  • All grammar, vocabulary and spelling errors corrected.
  • Interpretations of rules integrated into the  text of the document.
  • Rules changes, from both the author and our 3000 + person Yahoo Group added and integrated into the text of the book.
  • New rules and data charts, from both the author and the Yahoo Group added and integrated into the text of the document.
  • New army lists and generals, to include an all new Ottoman army chart and a slew of Spanish generals.
  • Changes are identified by underlined text.



  • Fully integrated into the original Fire & Fury with rules clarifications and updates to produce a completely new stand alone product.
  • Brigade level with each stand of figures representing 360 infantry, 180 cavalry, a single battery of guns with one inch equal to 120 yards and each turn 30 minutes of historical time - this is a big battle game where you control divisions, not battalions.
  • Irregular forces, skirmishers, massed artillery, national doctrine and army level command-control all covered effectively and simply.
  • Some 96 pages long in addition to a two-page tables and charts sheet. The actual rules weigh in at 55 pages, bibliography 2 pages, scenarios 20 pages, Commanders and Leaders Data Charts 3 pages, Unit Data Charts 9 pages.
  • Spiral bound with full color front and back cover, black and white interior with artwork by the incomparable Edouard Detaille.
  • Graphics, tables and charts by original Fire & Fury author Richard Hasenauer, based on his original artwork as used in Fire & Fury and other fine systems.
  • Original price $ 30.00 US.