Age of Eagles Gallery

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then boy do we have a deal for you! Get ready for the proverbial image version of War and Peace. Here we present to you multiple Age of Eagles galleries, one each for the Lace Wars, the French Revolutionary Wars and the Napoleonic Wars. And yes, since we finally have some games of Age of Valor (late 19th century) recorded on film, or SD card as the case might be, we've added their galleries for your enjoyment as well. Oh yes, we did! 

Now the Godaddy Web content manager that runs this site has a nifty gadget for slide shows we could use. However, the actual slideshow support used in Windows Live Onedrive is so much better, we decided to use that instead. In particular, it allows the viewer a lot more control over what he or she sees, and this is always a good thing. 

In general I use nothing but Battlefield Terrain Concepts stuff for my terrain, to include the JR and Timecast buildings they stock. Figures are Minifigs, AB, Roundway, the old Heritage line and Editions Brokow. See our Weblinks page to get in contact with most of these friendly folks, though EBs are no longer available. All painting is by the author. 

So if you ever wanted to see exactly what a game of Age of Eagles, Age of Valor or Age of Honor actually looks like, here is your chance times three +. Enjoy! 

  • Age of Honor, the War of Spanish Succession, Chiari 1701 - click here!
  • Age of Eagles, the French Revolution, the Campaign of Flanders 1794 - click here!
  • Age of Eagles, the Befreiungskrieg, Dennewitz 1813 - click here!
  • Age of Valor playtest, Fall In 2013, La Patrie en Danger, Paris 1870 - click here!
  • Age of Valor Playtest, Fall In 18, Hungarian Revolution 1849, Komorn - NEW click here!
  • Age of Valor playtest, Historicon 2014, Crimean War, the Alma, 1854 - click here! 
  • Risorgimento 1859, San Martino - NEW click here!
  • Seven Weeks War 1866, Skalitz - NEW click here!
  • Russo-Japanese 1904, Telissu - NEW click here!
  • Waterloo done right, AOE style, from Dean Emmerson and the crew from Maine - click here!

All the battles above, save Waterloo, were presented at HMGS East or affiliated conventions. Photographs by Bill Gray, Dean Emmerson and Mitch Osborne.