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Yes, of course, you can always buy AOE products online direct. You may order just the basic rules, or bundled with other publications if you prefer, and this includes Age of Honor, Age of Eagles II (English or French), the Age of Valor (AOV) digital series and similar bundles.


Simply use the PayPal buttons below to make your purchase. As you go thru the process PayPal will calculate Sales Tax for Pennsylvania residents and  postage options which are Domestic Priority Post (free) or International Priority Air (we pay half).

AND REMEMBER!!! Each AOE paper purchase receives one (1) FREE AOV digital module of your mchoice per total order. ALSO, if you buy $ 12.00 US worth of AOV digital modules, the rest are FREE upon request. Just list the ones you want below.

NEW! Return Policy - If your goods have been damaged by us (such as a missing page, back cover reversed upside down and so on), you get a free replacement postage free. Just contact us. If the Post Office damaged your goods (and be reasonable here folks, or order Media Mail), as a courtesy we will provide a free one-time replacement. Media Mail will be used in this case for US customers. Otherwise, you will need to take it up with your postal service.

Distributors and Retailers - Please contact us for terms and discounts for your business. For even more savings we can even deliver our products right to your booth at any of HMGS East's three conventions (Historicon, Cold Wars and Fall In), thus eliminating the cost of postage.

Vous recherchez l' Age des Aigles II en français?

Cliquez simplement sur le menu déroulant approprié ci-dessous et faites votre sélection. Rappelez-vous, nous payons l'affranchissement complet pour les commandes américaines et la moitié du coût d'affranchissement pour les commandes à l'étranger. En outre, chaque copie papier reçoit un module numérique gratuit Age of Valor, alors envoyez-moi un courriel avec votre selection.