Age of Honor & Napoleon v Europe 1813 - 14

Historicon 2008 came and went (gosh, has it really been that long) and we proudly announced that our long awaited AOE scenario book will make its debut. Our first expansion to the rules covers the Befrieungskrieg 1813 - 14, the famous War of Liberation where the combined forces of Austria, Prussia, Russia, Britain and Sweden attempt to subdue France. This campaign was chosen not only because of the many colorful armies involved, but also due to the fact that reform and Napoleon not being at every battle actually gives the Allies a fighting chance. We also decided to concentrate on battles both large (Dennewitz) and small (Schestedt), but emphasizing engagements that are not that well known.

And we also have a second expansion scenario pub, Age of Honor. This time we cover the Lace Wars, from the War of the Spanish Succession thru the little known non-war, the War of Bavarian Succession. So who wants to get their inner Marlborough or Marshal Saxe on? Let's take a look at what's inside, and if you'd like a test drive, click here

Age of Honor - la Guerre en Dentelle 1700 thru 1789


Introduction - including all rules changes needed to convert AOE to Lace Warfare in less than a page.

Battle of Luzarra - Marshal Vendome vs Eugen of Savoy in Italy, War of Spanish Succession (WSS). 

Battle of the Blenheim - Marlborough vs the Sun King, Round 1, WSS

Battle of Ramillies - Marlborough vs the Sun King, Round 2, WSS.

Battle of Poltava - Charles XII vs Peter the Great, from the Great Northern War. 

Battle of Peterwardein - Eugene of Savoy vs the Ottoman Empire, 1719. This scenario includes some exceptional modern day CCA licensed images of Petrovaradin fortress via Wikipedia (nb, per requirements of authors Micki and Nenad Seguljev, the use of these images does NOT constitute an endorsement by Wikipedia or the photographers in any way).

Battle of Fontenoy - Marshal Saxe vs the Duke of Cumberland, War of Austrian Succession (WAS). 

Battle of Hohenfriedberg - Frederick the Great's masterpiece victory in the WAS.

Battle of Kesselsdorf - Brunswick against the Saxons, WAS. 

Battle of Kolin- Frederick's first defeat at the hands of Marshal Daun, Seven Years War (SYW). 

Battle of Hastenbeck - Cumberland vs the French, where both commanders thought they lost! 

Battle of Leuthen - Frederick the Great's masterpiece against Prince Charles of Lorraine, SYW.

Battle of Krefeld - The Duke of Brunswick vs France,  Round 1, SYW. 

Battle of Zorndorf - Frederick the Great vs the Russians, Round 1, SYW.

Battle of Minden - The Duke of Brunswick vs France, Round 2, SYW

Battle of Kunersdorf - Old Fritz vs the Russians, Round 2, SYW.

Battle of Torgau - Frederick vs Marshal Daun in the last major battle of the SYW. 

Bibliography - seriously, you didn't think we made this stuff up, right?

Commanders - four pages listing every major commander we could find for the era.

Unit Data Charts - eight pages full of regimental data concerning all the forces that fought during  the period of the WSS thru the War of Bavarian Succession. 

The Age of Eagles Supplement - to catch you up as regards rules' changes, corrections, interpretations and a bevy of mods from our Yahoo Group. 

Quick Reference Sheet - only two pages, designed to replace the one in AOE, specifically designed for Age of Honor.

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Napoleon v Europe 1813 thru 14 - the Befreiungskrieg


Our first scenario book covering Napoleon's 1813-14 campaign in Germany and France is also available: 


Introduction - includes conversion schemes for Grande Armee, Napoleon's Battles and Volley & Bayonet. 

Battle of Gross Beeren - 23 August 1813, Oudinot vs Bernadotte. 

Battle of the Katzbach - 26 August 1813, MacDonald vs Blucher. 

Battle of Kulm - 30 August 1813, Vandamme vs the Czar. 

Battle of Dennewitz - 6 September 1813, Ney vs Bernadotte.  

Battle of Wartenburg - 3 October 1813, Bertrand vs Yorck.  

Leibertwolkwitz (Leipzig) - 14 October 1813, Murat vs Schwarzenburg.   

Battle of Mockern (Leipzig) - 16 October 1813, Marmont vs Blucher.   

Battle of Hanau - 30 October 1813, Napoleon vs Wrede.   

Battle of Schestedt - 10 December 1813, the Danes vs the Russo-German Legion.   

Battle of La Rothiere - 1 February 1814, Napoleon vs Blucher.   

Battle of Orthez - 27 February 1814, Wellington vs Soult. 

Battle of Toulouse - 10 April 1814, Wellington vs Soult Round 2, the last battle of the campaign. 

Hohenlinden 1800 Bonus Scenario - courtesy First Empire Magazine

Craonne 1814 Bonus Scenario - Free Dowload, click here! Blank Labels - to copy and use when you create your own scenarios.   

Imperial Glossary - Chasseur a Cheval de la Garde Imperial means what?   Age of Eagles Supplement - the latest optional rules and interpretations. 

Notes - for all the scribbling every gamer needs now and then.

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