Downloads and Customer Support

Use this list of free downloads below as your reference library for ongoing product support for Age of Eagles, scenario books when published or any future additions to the L'Armee Francaise series of Fire & Fury adaptations. These include a variety of free, ready-to-play scenarios from both the author of AOE as well as our readership. Keep us bookmarked and check back often.

And while you're here, spin down to the very bottom of the page for some excellent scenarios made available to AOE by the Susquehanna Wargamers from right here in good ole PA. These are Web links to the files on their Website, all of smaller engagements to allow play in a single evening.

All are free and all most are in Adobe PDF format. Don't have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF files? Just click right here for yet another free download.

And oh BTW, dealers are welcome to download the scenarios, charts and basically everything to include in any copies of AOE they sell so long as nothing additional is charged. But above all enjoy and please contact us if you have any ideas about how to make our support to you even better.


A new FREE expansion in the Age of Valor digital expansion module suite for Age of Eagles II, courtesy of Scott Duncan and the Crawley Wargames Club from our British cousins across the pond. This 50 page expedition covers the battles of the Honorable East India Company in "Indja"!

Age of Tigers Final Rules (pdf)


Age of Tigers Charts (pdf)


Age of Tigers Editable Labels (docx)


Test Drive Downloads

This section of  our Downloads Page includes PDF files of TEST DRIVE Scenarios, a sorta try before you buy  concept and absolutely FREE. Each scenario looks at a battle NOT included in any of our paper publications or Age of Valor digital series, but is complete with scenario rules, data charts, labels and maps. Marry them up with the proper QRS (Quick Reference Sheet) downloads in the Customer Support Section below, and you will see exactly what to expect when you plunk down your hard earned shekels for our commercial pubs, all full color to boot. Enjoy!


These downloads are player aids such as QRS or Charts and Tables Sheets so you don't have to rip them out of your paper copy, Blank Labels and so on. Similar items for older products such as AOE First Edition are available free upon request. More downloads will be added as the need occurs.



More Napoleonic AOE Offerings


Direct from their very well designed Website at, Steve and the gang from Susquehanna Historical Gamers (York, PA) have graciously allowed us to publish links direct to their well designed list of Age of Eagles scenarios. The list, for the most part at least, contains set up instructions for smaller battles, so folks with space and time constraints are especially encouraged to check this stuff out. Enjoy!